FALL 2013


The start of a new season is always exciting-it’s a chance to revamp your wardrobe and debut your latest looks.  But transitions can also pose challenges: which shoes work with those new wide-legged pants? Can you pull off tights with mid-calf skirts? (Probably not.)  This season designers pulled out the stops-with wanderlust prints, crayon-colored coats, whimsical capes, femme fatale suits, toasty knits, dreamy dresses (romantic or sexy, take your pick), and more leather.

We’ve reached the point in the fashion cycle when beautiful classics are by far the most desirable option.  Fashion is about cherry-picking the perfect investment pieces and using them to transform old favorites.  But planning a fall wardrobe today also means shopping smart-these are clothes you’ll want to wear for many years to come.

The ultimate tough luxe jacket in rich leather adds instant attitude to any outfit.  Biker jackets have become ubiquitous enough to earn themselves a cute nickname, but they haven’t lost an ounce of coolness.  In fact, this season’s versions, with their intricate networks of zippers, are as interesting as ever.  But fresh colors and feminine touches have elevated them to special occasion status.  Popular this season, are jackets with contrasting sleeves. Or if you want to be daring yet demure, edgy yet elegant this fall, try pairing sleek leather and seductive lace.  They make the perfect partners in crime.


What woman doesn’t yearn for a little more romance in her life?  Well, here it is, in the form of dresses with easy volume and nipped-in waists.  These looks truly put the passion back into fashion.  We’ve had seasons of ladylike looks, but these clothes truly honor a womanly shape.   The look is stripped down and unfussy, with sculptural lines that play up your real curves.  This style is pretty covered up-more Victorian than va-va-va –voom- so look for a conservative cut that doesn’t expose a ton of skin.  While the dresses may be feminine and fanciful, the footwear is surprisingly utilitarian. Go for the ankle booties.

Whether it’s thin and matte with a brass buckle or a wide corset, this is how you’ll define your contours in a season of cocoons. Cinch in sweaters, reroute coats…you’ll find many uses.


When you’re out and about this fall, your real go-to accessory is a coat- one so show stopping that it becomes a personal statement. Suddenly coats shattered the $5000 ceiling, and packing a magnificient punch of the old-fashioned mink-coat variety. The coats and jackets dujour are long and loose.  Get ready to bundle up. A vibrant topper will brighten up the dreariest of days and make whatever else you’re wearing feel instantly more special.  Think of these as you would an Hermes box-exciting all on its own.  Pick one vivid hue-and run with it.  Since you’re dealing with loud shades, keep everything else quiet.  That means clothes with minimal prints, simple shoes, and few accessories. Color-phobe New Yorkers may be tempted to check these coats at the door, but why miss a chance to make a memorable entrance?


LBD’s have always had a restrained sex appeal, but this season designers really cranked up the heat, sneaking in sheer panels or slashing up classic shapes to expose subtle hints of skin.  The look is definitely tight, leggy, and lingerie-ish but still completely refined.  The vibe is raw and seductive.  Hair should have an effortless quality and go with a kiss-me lipstick in dark red.  Pair one of these edgy LBD’s with black pumps, or if you’re really feeling bold, try red heels.  To keep things from getting too risqué , make sure one area of your body remains covered.  Choose a short dress with long sleeves, or if you’re working a plunging neckline, look for a hemline that hits past the mid-thigh.


Pencil skirts are always chic but when you want something a bit flirtier and more feminine, a little volume is in order.  For those moments, thigh-grazing fit and flare skirts are a great option.  Once it gets colder out, wear them with luxe, over the knee boots or tights and a sweater.  This new skirt shape of the season is full but feminine and it works on every body type.