Warm- weather leathers are here.  Thin as paper and butter soft!  There’s something deliciously counterintuitive about this sensuous second skin when worn in the warm seasons.  It’s a material with plenty of attitude and lots of shelf life.  White’s the ultimate luxury, especially eye-stopping as a shoe or bag; color is the most fun; and, of course, black is timeless.  Watch for leather that is laser cut or in a naughty-and-nice interplay with lace.  The newest exotic skin? Try python!


Nothing is as sharp and strong as the power of black-or white, for that matter!  There are no shades of gray about this color combination, with its minimalist prints and maximum style.  Happily the season can’t make up its mind, and neither could we, and we don’t have to!  We can have it all.  Always best when the silhouette is clear, and the textures and weights are varied.  Best of both worlds? Black and white together!  Thick, optical, graphic, blocky and artistic.  A knockout look with high-contrast punch.


The freshest non-color color of all-pure white! The crisper, the cleaner, the better!  Why don’t we wear it more often?  And I mean wear it!  Not just a shirt, but all the way.  And newest of all and not to be missed is the white handbag, one of the sharpest and most attractive accessories to come along in a while.  This achromatic tone works well with a silver shoe or Lucite heels.  Nothing looks sleeker than a clean shoe with a crisp white dress.  White and beige also make a killer duo.  Mix it up with an embellished tan blouse or a neutral shoe.


What’s spring without a big hit of color?  What was once the territory only of fashion’s bravest is now as natural as can be.  Color, color and more color.  The new wardrobe staple is bright, nearly shocking and almost neon.  We love the punch of it and the unavoidable way it enlivens our day.  Red is a mood elevator and it can boost confidence and make you feel more in control.

A.k.a the fun stuff.  Once you’ve followed my basic rules and have your core items in place, it’s time to let loose a bit, because fashion should be fun, and the quickest way to give your wardrobe a jolt is with a directional pair of shoes or a bag.
A HIGH-VOLTAGE-COLOR HANDBAG: This spring, color loves color.  Be bold with an orange handbag.  It becomes a neutral.
A LEATHER MOTO JACKET: It goes over everything and will replace your jacket.
GLADIATORS: It can be a sandal, flat, heel, or boot.  It provides an edge and gives you immediate fashion credibility.
LUCITE HEELS: They are all the rage right now, and nothing looks sleeker than a clean shoe.