This may well be the most exuberant spring season that we have seen in years!  Expect to see a lot of COLOR!  Designers have clearly tapped into our global ways.  They took us away from it all with inspiration from South –American jungles, the beaches of Hawaii, Africa, as well as the prettiest gardens of the world.

Key Season Trends

Printed Pant
Florals – best in a ladylike dress
Color Blocking

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your closet is absolutely crucial for a woman to do before she goes shopping.  Assess what you have, what you love and are still excited about wearing for the season and see what is missing in your wardrobe.
No matter who we are, WE ALL change and evolve each year-it’s important to evolve your style as well.
Keep your current working wardrobe in the front of your closet.  Arrange by category (blouses, jackets, pants, etc), and within each category, arrange by color.

How To Wear Color

• Head-to-Toe:  Keep it all in the family, mixing shades of the same hue to create a grand effect.
• Color-Blocked:  Boldly layer rich swaths of color to reach saturation point in standout style.  Though the possible combinations are endless, there are basically two ways to play it: pairing colors that are analogus (fuschia and, blue and green) or that seemingly clash (yellow and turquoise, purple and orange).  Do it right and it looks forward and interesting.
• A Hint of Tint:  Baby step it with carefully placed accents that make a splash.  If the idea of dressing in rainbow brights gives you a minor panic attack, take heart.  There are countless ways to incorporate new tones without straying too far from your comfort zone.  The simplest way involves using a pop of color to freshen up an otherwise neutral outfit.  My advice is to start off slow.  You cannot go wrong with a great colored cashmere sweater paired with a neutral bottom.  Adding one choice accessory, like a silk scarf or a bag in a standout shade, is another foolproof way to get the look.  I love orange because it acts as a very good neutral.  It works great with all white or with browns and camels.
• Below the Belt: Enliven a neutral top with a bright attention-commanding skirt or pant.  Pastels are an easy way to introduce color into your wardrobe.  Try a pastel colored jean in lavender, pink, or soft blue.  When wearing pastels, avoid neutrals as a base, but rely on them for accessories, especially shoes.