FALL 2011



The most pervasive and persuasive message of the season is high glamour.  Think Lady Chic, Polished and Pulled Together, the style of dressing where every detail really matters.  Everywhere you look, it’s rich, refined and delicious!  There is a modernist take on the glamorous 1940’s femme-think chic red lips, classic gloves and stockings, belted pencil skirts, Bacall trousers, and lots of luxe.  This is ladylike and definitely dressed up.  The sheath is back alongside clever new takes on suit dressing; with the prettiest blouses, perfect to top those elongated slim skirts and high-waisted trousers.  Leave the luggage at home and complete the look with a smart, refined handbag-I favor the new semi-structured top handles or retro-glam clutch envelopes.


Give Yourself a Fresh Coat

There are coats for all reasons and all seasons.  I have never seen such a compelling range of silhouettes, materials and styles.  Your coat has finally and definitely moved beyond function to full-on fashion.  Coats no longer need the excuse of cold weather to come out of the closet.  With a fabulous coat, it almost doesn’t matter what you are wearing underneath.  A gorgeous one instantly makes u look and feel pulled together.
Style news? Elongated capes, lengthy maxis, coats in full-on color!  Sporty anoraks and bombers over dressy looks, cropped furs, and clean polished topcoats.


The Other “L” Words

One of the reasons the season is so glamorous is all the beautiful,  LUXURIOUS materials.  Fabrics that thrill the hand and the eye.  Nothing exudes femininity more than LACE.  Whether Chantilly, Swiss, or laser cut and appliquéd, one is prettier than the next. I have never seen LEATHER more beautifully handled.  Technology, tradition and craftsmanship have collaborated to give us skins as thin, soft and supple as a lightweight fabric, yet so much more exciting.  I love entire dresses and skirts in this delectable material.  Let’s talk about LENGTH-“longer is leaner.”  The maxi length is a viable new option this season.  Every season brings out a new shining star fabric-this time it’s the sexy luxe of LUREX.


In Living Color

While black, navy and camel will always be winter staples, the excitement now is the strong colors to brighten the drab gray days.  It’s time to break out of your comfort zone and pull on something vivid and vivacious. You will be surprised at how lively you feel and well the world responds.  Collect gemstones! Rubies, sapphires, emeralds!
It’s days of wine and roses again.  Drink up the delicious colors seen in Pe-Fall.  Then they were an apertif.  Now they’re a main course, richer and fuller.  Nothing is more intoxicating now than cabernet, Bordeaux and burgundy.


Other Key Season Trends

The Bow Blouse
The Cape
The Pencil Skirt
The Sheath
The Stiletto
The Boot
The Wide-leg Pant